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Greenfield Youth Football Program

The Greenfield Youth Football Program is a co-ed, tackle football program, for all children in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, that live within the Greenfield School District boundaries. 

Led by a Board of Directors and volunteers, GYFCP is proud to be a member of the Wisconsin All American Youth Football League (AAYFL) organization. The AAYFL has weight limit guidelines placed on all offensive backfield and receiver positions (any ball carrier). Players over the weight limit can definitely still play, but not as  someone who can advance the ball.

We typically have 3 football teams. Each team can have a maximum of 35 athletes.

  • 5th-6th grade 
  • 7th grade 
  • 8th grade

Mission Statement

The mission statement of GYFCP is to introduce the sport of football and cheerleading to the children in our community, through a select program. We strive to develop solid fundamentals, discipline, good sportsmanship, strong character and respect for the team.  Our goal is to help develop these important life skills while developing their love for the sport, and their desire to continue on to the next level.  While we aim for success, we want to promote a positive and fun experience, in a safe environment, which we hope will develop a passion and enthusiasm for football and cheerleading.


Our purpose is to provide a quality athletic experience to children of our community, through a select program. Players are coached to become teammates, to be responsible for their equipment, to know their position on the field/team, and to win and lose with dignity.  We want our athletes and families to take pride in their team and our organization, and to remember they represent the Greenfield community.

Program Philosophy

  • We want to provide a quality football and cheerleading program where athletes will have a positive, constructive, safe environment to learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.
  • We encourage athletes to achieve success academically, not just athletically. Additionally, we want our athletes to be positive role models in our community.
  • We believe that children can learn valuable life lessons from organized sports. Every athlete will be given opportunities to contribute to the overall team's success.
  • As a competitive, select, youth football and cheerleading program, we are committed to providing athletes and families with the best coaches, leadership, and program structure possible, using experienced and trained volunteers in each role that has responsibility.
  • Player development and striving to win are the focus for each team; however, winning at the expense of any players, opponents, or the organization will not be tolerated.
  • Athletes, Parents and Coaches are expected to adhere to their respective code of conduct.

Off Season Training

During the off season, our teams are encouraged to participate in speed and agility classes at ETS in Franklin, WI. Classes are open to past and future GYFCP athletes, ages 8 and up.

We register for team training in 3 months increments.

Session options are Wednesdays or Thursdays at 7:30pm during February, March and April at ETS Performance in the Franklin Business Park, off of 51st and Ryan. Training is 45-60 minutes.

12 sessions costs $120.

Sign up for one or both days sessions.

Maximum of 30 athletes per session and a minimum of 20 athletes to run the session.

Registration fees 2024

The cost to register before June 1, 2024 is $285.00 per athlete.  After June 1, 2024 the cost will be $350.00 per athlete.

ALL REGISTRATION FEES NEED TO BE PAID IN FULL BY THE FIRST PRACTICE. Unfortunately, we will need to reinforce this rule going forward due to past registrations not being paid in full. If there is an extenuating circumstance, please reach out to a member of the Board to assist you.

Registered but no longer interested?

In the event your athlete elects to withdraw from the GYFCP prior to the end of the first week of practice, you will be reimbursed your registration fee minus a $25.00 service fee upon returning your equipment. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE.

Volunteer fee, $300

A $300.00 volunteer fee CHECK will be due at equipment hand out. This check will be returned to you upon completion of your scheduled volunteer commitment.

This needs to be a separate check as we will hold it all season until your volunteer requirements are fulfilled, and return it to you at equipment turn-in at the end of the season.

Equipment/Uniform fee, $450

A $450.00 equipment fee CHECK will be due at equipment hand out. This check will be returned to you when all of our gear is returned at the end of the season. 

This needs to be a separate check as we will hold it all season until you return our equipment. 

Unfortunately, in previous years, we've had families not return our gear. It is very costly to our program if we borrow out equipment and it doesn't get returned to us.

What equipment is provided?

GYFCP will provide each athlete with a helmet, chin strap, practice jersey and pants, game jerseys (home and away) and pants, a belt, and green game socks.

  • Athletes can provide their own chin straps if they wish.
  • Sometimes coaches/families purchase pink game socks in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • Athletes will keep their socks at the end of the year, please do not turn those back into us.

Athletes will need to provide their own mouth guard with strap to attach to your helmet, 7-pad girdle, and non-metal football cleats. Soccer cleats are not the same as football cleats and are not acceptable.

Equipment turn-in

All athletes are required to turn in their equipment at the end of the season. This is typically the end of October or beginning of November, before the end-of-the-year banquet.

A maximum fee of $450.00 will be billed to you if uniforms and/or issued equipment are not turned in at the end of the season. Individual items may be billed at cost per item plus shipping and restocking fee. Players will not be able to sign up or participate in the program if equipment has not been handed in. This may also include participation in the Greenfield High School Football Program.

Failure to return equipment will be considered stolen property and the matter will be turned over to the Greenfield Police Department.


Please see the "Fundraising" tab in the header above (on the main page) for more info. 

Athletes are required to participate in a mandatory fundraiser. Fundraising is due by the first game. Failure or refusal to participate may result in limitation or removal from the program.  The success of the GYFCP is dependent on the involvement of its participants. 

Football Teams / Practices / Games (subject to change)

Greenfield Youth Football consists of three teams.

  • 5th-6th Grade (120lbs max weight limit to carry the ball)
  • 7th Grade (140lbs max weight limit to carry the ball)
  • 8th Grade (160lbs max weight limit to carry the ball)

If your athlete is over the max weight limit to carry/advance the ball for their grade level, they will be utilized in a different position, such as offensive and/or defensive line. 

We will have home and away games based on the schedule put out by the AAYFL. Standard league games are on Saturdays, starting end-August (weekend before Labor Day) and run through October. Championship games (end of October) usually don't come out until the week before. We will let you know via SportsEngine as soon as we have info on those last games.

All practices are held at Greenfield Middle School.

Starting August 1st, we will practice 4 days per week until school starts. Once school is in full swing, practice drops to 3 days per week (for a max of 6 hours per week). These guidelines are put in place by the AAYFL and are strictly enforced. 

Practice times are set by the Head Coach and will typically be between 5pm and 8pm on weeknights.

Football practice held within the first week is a league mandated conditioning of ten (10) hours and attendance is required by all athletes, prior to player-to player contact.

Important to note:

  • GYFCP does NOT guarantee equal playing time.
  • Playing time will be based on performance and effort during practices.

Practices will be held rain or shine. The only exception will be if there is lightning and thunder. If practice were to be cancelled due to lightning and thunder, every effort will be made to notify all parents as quickly as possible via our SportsEngine app.

Need to miss practice?

The athlete or parent /guardian is responsible to contact the Head Coach prior to the start of practice or the absence will be considered unexcused, regardless of cause. 

Texts, emails and /or phone calls after the start of practice will be considered unexcused. Anticipated, potentially excused, absences need to be CLEARLY communicated to the Head Coach a minimum of 48 hours prior to the date of anticipated absence.